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Summer evenings. Leaning on the back-fence sharing,
asking a neighbour’s advice.
Friendly, comfortable, collaborative

KSR history

We began in 1975, back when partnerships were founded on a handshake, clouds didn’t hold data, and tax returns were type-written in triplicate. We’ve had many office locations - always proudly Melbourne - and our name has evolved along with us. Amidst a changing landscape, what hasn’t changed is our vision and commitment. We continue to be a highly progressive, one-stop resource for our clients. We listen, we understand, and we fulfil client needs.

Accounting can’t just be an annual event, it needs to be an ongoing conversation; a relationship not just a transaction. Your tax return is simply the beginning of what we can offer. Our staff are carefully selected for their professional and personal fit: their ability to relate, to remain current, to distil information into succinct answers and clear-cut solutions is vital.

Whether individuals or business, the strength of the bonds we form and maintain with clients are the cornerstone of KSR. Our comfortable, creative space has a way of surprising and delighting, allowing constraints to melt away. Why not join us for a coffee and start your conversation?

KSR belief

We believe in building relationships and the energy of our team, coupled with our network of alliance partners, means we can deliver solutions across a range of platforms and services.


Our Company Values

You trust us to know your business, and you rely on our advice. We hold that sacred and we can’t let you down.
Passion for people, passion for excellence. Using our knowledge and skills to establish genuine human connections.
Forget your preconceptions of accounting. Our space is joyous and we love what we do. We revel in doing accounting differently.
We are fortunate in our lives, our work, our homes, and our health. We are members of a community and we like to give back.

Explore the facets of KSR, then join us for a coffee and start your conversation.

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