Business Automation
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Small changes can make a big difference.
Free the time you need.

Opportunity Knocks

Whether you’re already an automation convert, looking for more, or just beginning to embrace the revolution, here’s some of our favourites we’d like to share with you. 
To formulate your business strategy and find those growth opportunities you need time and good information. It also doesn’t hurt to have the advice of a knowledgeable friend.

Automation and apps can give you all three. By working smarter, and letting tech do the repetitive heavy-lifting, you’ll free your time, and get better data with less effort. Less time crunching the numbers also means more time for your accountant to analyse the figures we’re producing; time spent thinking and advising. And by sharing business info in real-time, we are all better placed to collaborate and respond to trends before they become problems, exploit opportunities before they expire.

Have a read, explore the links to learn more, and then talk to us about how our clients are already integrating and mixing apps to achieve unique outcomes. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have a problem you’d like to automate away, or need advice on optimising the apps you’re already combining, call KSR and start your conversation.


As Xero platinum partners we recommend beautiful, cloud-based accounting. Xero is a simple, yet sophisticated accounting system very much suited to SME business. See your balances and cashflow in real-time, manage payroll and single-touch compliance, make automated bank reconciliations, pay bills, access anywhere, and have the potential for real-time advice from your advisor based on up to the moment figures input with minimal effort.
If your bookkeeping is not cloud-based, talk to us now about how it will benefit you, and how we can help you make the move.


Deputy is the ultimate cloud-based workforce management solution that makes it easy to schedule employees, manage time and attendance, track performance, and help protect your business in case of audits, disputes and avoid non-compliance with labor laws.
With dedicated apps for iOS and Android, Deputy empowers a world of mobility, integrates with over 55 payroll companies, transforms the way businesses operate, saving time and optimizing resources.
Thousands of businesses across a variety of sectors use Deputy to help manage and schedule their employees. Our solution is currently used in retail, hospitality, food service, construction, education and many more.


Do away with desks and dashboards strewn with receipts. No more shoeboxes stuffed with paper at tax time (your accountant will thank you, too!). Receipt Bank is easy automation you control. Use the app to email, or snap and store receipt images on the go. Filed in the cloud and integrated with Xero, or paired with your preferred accounting system, Receipt Bank frees you to reclaim the time you spend gathering receipts and manually punching data. Accurate, verifiable, and accessible where you are. 


The app for trades and services businesses. Store client, job details, and manage workflow from First Call through to Payment. Take control and remove the stress: view staff locations in real-time with easy map graphics, track schedules and progress of open work, and instantly dispatch urgent jobs, all without disruptive phone calls. Manage recurring Jobs with allocation and route optimisation to improve efficiency.

Hone your professional edge, and benefit from reduced admin and paperwork. Build quotes and invoices anywhere, with rules, templates and your price-lists in the app (ServiceM8 is not intended as comprehensive stock control tool), activate automated follow-up of quotes and debt, add-ons for payment on site, and Mailchimp for bulk communication/marketing to clients. Regular app updates and improvements, over 20+ add-ons to enhance and optimise your ServiceM8.


Integrated forecasting and reporting for small businesses. Plug into Xero or your preferred provider and start smart number crunching. Business plans, scenarios, and KPI dash-boards with variance analysis, and customisable alerts. Pair with scenario modelling to see best revenue, cash result, and profitability; duplicate, tweak and play multiple scenarios to see how small changes can make for big results. Import existing budgets - no need to recreate! - or build from scratch to power your planning. White-labelling, flexible template reporting with edit and build facility, achieve granular insights even from consolidated or grouped organisations. Spreadsheets are so last century: Plan, Build, Monitor, Action with Futrli.

Class Software

Class is an innovative SMSF Administration Software that streamlines all aspects of SMSF administration. The cloud-based SMSF accounting software enables a wide range of users (including accountants, administrators, financial advisers and auditors) to manage all their SMSF administration and reporting needs from a single system – everything from set up to lodgement – and support the delivery of digital SMSFs. It also comes with Class’ client view (website and app enabled) which provides trustees and investors with 24/7 access to their own up to date data, enabling a consolidated wealth view across SMSF and other investment entities, from any device.

Fee synergy

FeeSynergy provides a specialist form of finance to leading accounting and legal firms enabling their clients to pay their accounting and legal invoices via simple monthly instalments. FeeSynergy pays 100% of the invoice upfront to the professional service provider and the client repays FeeSynergy in equal monthly instalments over an agreed term. FeeSynergy has assisted thousands of businesses, ranging from sole traders to publicly listed companies, to pay their accounting or legal bills on time but in a way that accommodates their monthly cash flow requirements.