FEDERAL BUDGET – 2018/2019

FEDERAL BUDGET – 2018/2019

Welcome to the KSR edition of the Federal Budget overview.

Scott Morrison’s 2018/2019 budget to build a stronger economy for Australia is summarised in the following 5 points

1. Simplifying the individual tax systems and providing tax relief

2. Keeping Australians safe

3. Stronger growth to create more jobs

4. Guaranteeing the essential services that Australians reply on

5. Ensuring the Government lives within its means

The overall goal is to stay on track to build a stronger economy and to bring the budget back into balance.

We have summarised the points mentioned in the budget that will affect you and your business, including immediate tax reliefs for middle income earners, extending of the $20,000 instant write-off, and legislating lower taxes for Australian businesses.

Please click here for a more detailed overview of the budget measures and how they may impact you.

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